Saturday, August 28, 2010

i feel important (:

im in a poetic mood today--you know, one of those days where you can't stand the ordinary day-to-day events and just want to sit in a hammock and write poetry all day.

and one of my friends mentioned me in her blog!

i can't comment on her blog, so: hi! i feel special :D and i know what you mean, about most of what you said. i agree (:

i really want school to start, actually. i mean, it feels like it's almost started already, with all im doing: cross country and band and all. it'd let me see my friends more.

but at the same time, i dont want it to start, and i'm regretting all ive gotten myself into. the world's spinning too fast as it is and im trying to make it go faster because sometimes im scared of these words i love. poetry scares me sometimes; it's too real for me sometimes and sometimes i want to be "normal". i know it's a compromise and id lose so much, but sometimes im scared of depth; sometimes i just want life to be shallow.

so in honor of the shallow lifestyle, the song of the day is "Teenage Dream" by katy Perry


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  1. *looks around* me?

    . . .

    i don't remember mentioning you

    . . .

    *looks around again*

    . . .

    you must not be talking to me.