Tuesday, August 17, 2010

why can't i finish this stupid essay????

ugh, this is driving me crazy. i've been working on my AP english essay all summer. there's 3 weeks left of summer break and i haven't finished it yet.

i keep rewriting it. and re-rewriting it. and re-re-rewriting it. im so scared that i've just been lying to myself. i'm so scared that i might not actually belong in this class. yeah, i've been in advanced AP english classes for the past two years. but now im gonna be a freshman in an 11th grade english class. what if i can't keep up? what if we'vee been babied in my advanced class, and i'm really not that good of a writer at all?

i don't know. so even though this is just a stupid summer writing assignment, i want it to be perfect. i don't want to be the stupid freshman who really doesn't belong. idk. it's driving me crazy.

song of the day: "candles" by hey monday


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  2. I know that this probably won't help, but the beginning is the time to make mistakes. If you screw up at the beginning, you can work your way back, but not when you screw up at the end.

    My opinion, just do your best, proofread and see what happens. You'll get there some time or another :D