Thursday, October 20, 2011's been a while

hello, internet world! (or....the inside of my laptop, because i think i just heard an echo when i typed that)

it's definitely been a while since i last blogged. so quick update/about-me so my lovely laptop knows what i'm talking about when i start rambling about my life.

i'm a sophomore/junior in high school. ive been in a relationship with a lovely guy since the beginning of the year (as in, january. not the beginning of the school year). i'm in band, and two ap classes (english language, and world history), so i whine a lot about those becasue they're a lot of work. i'm smart. easily bored. relatively religious. like poetry. and chocolate. and range from very poetic/thoughtful to very random/hyper. and as you can guess, the combination of all those things has made me not very high up on the social pecking order at school--not everyone believes in my view of life, which is just fine with me.

i don't want to start another train of thought. that would just bother me because separate topics belong in separate blog posts, in my opinion. so until next time...

"it's my,
my heart,
my life,
that you're calling a lie
and i can't take anymore.
i feel it coming over me
i'm still a slave to these dreams
is this the end of everything,
or just a new way to bleed?"
--evanescence, "new way to bleed"

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