Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Corn. corn corn corn.

gah. i'm seeing corn. i'm serious. when you work in a cornfield for like 8 hours a day, corn gets stuck in your head. now every time i close my eyes, i see corn. i seriously dreamed about corn last night. isn't that a sign of insanity?

thanks soooooo much, ellie, for putting the blogging breaking dawn thing on here. i totally owe you. and thanks for the e-froot loops, adi! :D

hmmmm. i should blog something interesting. like, regularly. what do you think? should i write a story, or blog about one? or both, or something completely different? hmmm. what's your favorite song? i want to listen to some new music. how many questions can i ask in one post?

i'm going on a mission trip with my church on saturday. it should be really fun. we're going to pittsburgh for a week. i'm crossing my fingers that there will be wifi access where we're sleeping. and that i'll have my ipod touch back by then. if not, i'll be without internet access for a week.

i think i'll blog my mission trip, if i get internet access while i'm there. if not, i'll just write it down and post it when i come back monday. you can read it, or ignore it if you don't care. whoever "you" is. i'm probably talking to myself....well, typing to myself.

anyway. it's hot here. like, 100 degrees. and humid. ugh. i'm sleepy. and need to do something besides type/talk to myself. naptime.

song of the day: "hundred" by the fray


  1. Hmm maybe you can start blogging a book or you can write about your pet peeves or maybe you can write more about Corn!

  2. You ever seen Children of the Corn? hehehe >:)

  3. So i saw you fishies and i was rubbing my mouse all over the red one trying to stress it out!