Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"today is a good day" "why?" "because i said so"

yay :D

i'm sitting in a car dealership, brainstorming for my AP english essay that i have to write, and am very happy because i just got internet access. and i get to see the guy i like today. in short, the only thing wrong with my life is the fact that i don't have facebook access. but i'll get that back soon :)

i really am getting annoyed at the lack of intelligent/poetic thought in my recent posts. seriously. i've been getting back into writing poetry a little bit lately, but not that much. i guess i've kinda gotten discouraged; i mean, what if my poetry really isn't good enough to read? what if i'm just fooling myself; if i've been lying to myself all along? what if i can't write after all?

there's nothing i want more than to be an author; to write for a living every day of my life. but maybe i'll never be good enough for that.

i don't know.

hey, at least there's some intelligent thought in the last few paragraphs, even if it's depressing. but i don't want to be depressed. so i'll just go read some poetry or something.

"sometimes you just gotta try to breathe, you said.
in and out, up and down, believe, you said.
your eyes will burn, the world will turn, there's always something new to learn,
and i'll love you til the edge of the world, you said."

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