Friday, July 2, 2010

stealing other people's blog ideas...again

does anyone even read my blog anymore? just wondering..... anyway. i got my laptop!! her name is aimee. she's adorable. (:

and because i saw this on...someone's blog (can't remember who) and i liked it, i'll do it myself. my life according to my bookshelf........ [if anyone doesn't know, the answers are all book titles of books i have. that's the object of the...i'll call it a game.]

are you a male or a female: the optimist's daughter
describe yourself: the wanderer
how do you feel: beautiful [kinda. has anyone else ever felt that way; almost beautiful? it may be because of the weather...or i'm just happy...or something. idk]
where do you currently live: a mango-shaped space
if you could go anywhere, where would you go: halfway to the sky
your favorite form of transportation: through the looking-glass
your best friend is: a bold fresh piece of humanity
you and your best friends are: the last of the really great whangdoodles
what's the weather like: a ring of endless light [amazing book. read it. really.]
favorite time of day: remains of the day
if your life was a tv show, what would it be called: notes on a near-life experience
what is life to you: the unbearable lightness of being
your relationship: life as we knew it
your fear: the everafter
what is the best advice you have to give: things fall apart
thought for the day: the sun also rises
how would you like to die: inkdeath [in other words, the death of my choosing. weak, but only thing that really fit]
my soul's present condition: waiting
my motto: the stone angel [another weak one. oh well.]

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  1. I love how you did this! It seems we all have Things Fall Apart xD

    And I read it :)