Sunday, June 27, 2010

*is overheating*

curse this humidity. it's about 90 degrees (32-ish for anyone who uses odd measurements like that) and it's so humid i could probably get a drink of water just by walking outside and breathing.

(random thought popping into my head) @rebel i wanted to comment on your last blog post, but the parental controls on the computer wouldn't let me. and i'm not quite sure what i wanted to say anyway. but's a very familiar feeling. i don't know all the details of what you're thinking, but in that case, i know how you feel. it's want to do something with your life. you want to be known, be good at something. but somewhere in between wanting it and doing it, you get stuck. and you're not sure why, but you can't get yourself out of it.

maybe one day you'll see me, and i'll be famous, having just written a best-selling book, or something else just as special. that's what i want. but what if i'm not good enough to write for a living? what if i'm fooling myself? what if i can't get into the college of my dreams? maybe all that will happen to me is that i'll crash; end up an alcoholic or homeless or some other fate just as terrible. just because i don't know if i'm good enough, so i put off trying to see if i am. if i procrastinate long enough, i'll miss out on life altogether. tomorrow will always be just another day far in the future--maybe i'll never start my life today.

i don't know. it's too hot to think straight right now.

song of the day: "impossible" by shontelle (i love this song! it's so cold; it's like light blue air! it's soooo pretty :D)

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