Thursday, June 24, 2010

and here is the truth!

1) my average attention span lasts about 48 minutes.
yes. very true. i've timed it. i always get murderously bored and can't pay attention a few minutes before class is out. or 3/4 of the way thru church.

2) i hate sandals and flipflops with a passion. i refuse to wear them, and on one occasion, i burned them. just because i could.
false. i love flipflops! i'm like, obsessed with them. but i'd probably burn them if i felt like it. i like fire.

3) i don't know the difference between left and right.
true. which causes problems in marching band...and walking...

4) my mom has asked the principal of my school to give me a detention.
true!! i wasn't getting my homework done, and so my mom called up the principal and asked him to give me detentions. as in, more than one. i was in detention for like, 4 days every week for 2 weeks.

5) i'm tired right now.
yep. i'm like always tired.

6) i don't remember anything that happened to me before i was 8.
false! i have a bad memory...but not that bad.

7) i got distracted after i typed the last sentence and forgot to finish this for a half-hour-ish.
lol, true. remember short attention span here.

and i'm going to get a dell! yay! .....or at least, i'll get the dell once i earn $30 more....stupid tax.......

song of the day: brick by boring brick by paramore. i love that song. and its colors match its music video, which totally made my day =D

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  1. I LOVE FIRE TOO! I am admittedly, a pyromaniac :P