Wednesday, June 23, 2010

help me please!!

this totally isn't a HUGE problem, and i'm starving and therefore probably being illogical, but i'm losing my mind here DX

so i'm going to buy a netbook (aka baby laptop) and i've got 3 different choices for all about the same price and same additions and all. so the dell--biggest problem is that the touchpad is finicky; 27/29 people would recommend; $280. the asus--many people reported crashing, and is slower; 45/53 people recommend; $280. the gateway--some crashing troubles; slowish; touchpad finicky; 106/112 people recommend; $270.

i absolutely cannot decide!!! ugh! i don't think i want the asus, and though the gateway is cheaper, i'm just drawn to the dell. so idk which i should pick. advice?? help me out here please......


  1. I'd go for the Dell.

    Finicky touchpad > crashing computers


  2. dells are great! I have a samsung with a bad touchpad and you just get used to it after a while