Sunday, June 20, 2010

dying of lack of communication with the outside world

i seriously hate summer vacation after, like, the first week. yeah, sleeping in and everything is great, but when you haven't seen most of your friends in ages and you have no way to communicate with them because facebook and sparknotes/open threads are blocked on the computer, it's soooo overrated. (daddy, please please please unblock facebook??? please? *begging* *sadface*)

i have like, nothing on my mind right now...... *needs something to do*

song of the day: "With You" by Jessica Simpson


  1. Summer's only fun if there's actually something to do. Otherwise you just turn into a useless pile of procrastination, even though you don't have anything to procrastinate from.

    It makes me want to go do something useful...but I'm too lazy to do, summer.

  2. I'm not looking forward to my summer (starts in ten days) as I will have zero to do. If you want onto facebook try or another proxy, they're what we use on the school computers to get on youtube!

  3. Sparknotes is blocked on your computer? Ouch, I feel for you. And yeah, I agree with Rebel: Summer's a bore without things to do.

  4. Daddy is only on face book to follow your exciting life. That said you need not face book to have a fun summer. Please learn other ways to amuse your self. Soon Corn detassling will start and you can spend 12 hours a day with your friends withering under the hot sun.

    your boring daddy