Friday, May 28, 2010

blogging my essay-writing process

one minute: this isn't so bad. i even have a topic: i'm exploring the unintended messages in the top ten pop songs of this week and their cultural impact. i'll be done soon!

five minutes: WHY IS THE COMPUTER BEING SO SLOW?!?!?! this is insane!!! and my music is broken!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!

ten minutes: i cant find any information. why is there no list of the top ten songs???

eleven minutes: oh. found it.

15 minutes: i hate popular music. it's stupid. maybe i will get this essay done today just because i'll be able to rant for three pages about it.

20 minutes: i forgot i was supposed to be doing research for a minute there. im thirsty. i wish i had a popsicle.

22 minutes: this is taking forever. i thought id be done researching by now. i havent even gotten halfway through.

25 minutes: i wonder if my teacher will care if i'm too lazy to * out swear words?

28 minutes: if ANYONE likes ke$ha or lady gaga, they should be put in a mental hospital with twilight-lovers. no offense.

31 minutes: all these different documents i have up are confusing me. i keep clicking on the wrong one.

32 minutes: this post is going to be sooo long by the time i actually START this essay.

34 minutes: DUDE!!!! that was awesome!! the second the lyrics to one of the songs come up, that SAME SONG starts playing from my itunes playlist!!!!

45 minutes: finally! finished researching. now to bleep out all the swear words....

47 minutes: took long enough! now i'll actually START the essay.....

48 minutes: i'm too tired to write an essay...

50 minutes: i'm taking a break. i'll write the essay later.

song of the day: "can't be tamed" by miley cyrus (yeah....i hate miley, but for some reason today i like this song. idk.)

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  1. You seem like a somewhat controlled procrastinator. When I go wayward in my 'research', I can trawl on for hours and hours. Speaking of which, I should be getting to my Physics essay about now (I actually have one and I am literally procrastinating right now).