Wednesday, May 12, 2010

space, time, and other possibilities

I'm listening to a very pretty light red song right now. i love light red. it's such a pretty color. it isn't pink at all; it's red. but lighter.

anyway. it's wednesday. i like wednesdays, they're halfway through the week and they go by fast because i daydream a lot on wednesdays. i don't like this time of year though, it's all waiting and just trying to keep up. nothing interesting happens this time of year; nothing out of the ordinary, anyway. interesting things are everywhere, but my routine is always the same. i can't wait til summer.

i'll be in high school next year. it sounds so odd, saying that; middle school sounds so young. it's funny how time works. i remember, in fourth grade, when i went to the middle school for advanced classes, how even the sixth graders looked so old. it almost feels like i'm in high school now, and even high school sounds so juvenile. i guess everything seems strangely young, looking back on it.

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  1. I agree with you - I remember back in Year 1, I referred to the Years 2 and 3 kids as 'the big kids'. Now I'm in Year 10 and I wonder why I ever looked up to those midgets. And yes, 4 weeks to the holidays is torture. Why? We can taste freedom, yet we still have school, exams, and other assignments. Blargh. Keep 'em coming!