Monday, May 31, 2010

does it say something about me that my "top 20" playlist has 33 songs in it?

i like music. a lot. i'm kinda obsessed; just like any self-respecting teen is. i'm the kind of person that will get a song stuck in my head on purpose just so it isn't so quiet at school, where i'm not allowed to have my ipod on.

and yet, i swear life hates me. i got my wonderful ipod touch taken away....more months ago than i can count (but then again, i called canada china today, so the idea that i can count is questionable), and i'm seriously wondering if i'm going to make it til i get my music back.

the radio's always on now, so at least there's some sort of music. but it all sucks. i can't find the music i like on the radio, so i have to be tortured by popular music...the disgusting kind that i hate. i mean, seriously. has anyone heard the song Carryout? it's possibly the most insulting, woman-only-an-object, song i have ever listened to. i want to kill someone every time that song comes on.

and to think that girls are sitting here, calling the radio station, requesting that song. i can't believe that anyone--especially girls--can listen to that song and not see it as offensive.

anyway. just had to get that rant out of my system. back to my essay, now i guess......and daddy, yes, i've gotten a page done; that's why i'm on here.

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  1. I may not be a girl, but I thought the same when I heard a couple of girls sing Love Game by Lady Gaga. Absolutely preposterous.

    Hope you get your iPod back!