Monday, May 17, 2010

it's always the little things. never was i as strongly affected by the big picture of anything as the littlest detail. Jake breaking up with me....i thought i was over it. i replayed our last kiss over and over in my head, almost comforted by it. but i was brought to tears when my mom asked me to get the timer from my room, because i was remembering phone calls between Jake and i late at night. i'm still almost crying. i miss him. i don't know what i did....but i wish it had never happened. i'm so scared, thinking about tomorrow; how i'll have to see him in class, work with him, and know that i'll probably never hold his hand again, never kiss him again, never lovingly stare up into his eyes again right before we have to go back to class, begging him for just one more kiss; trying to convince him that no one will care if we're late. never again.

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