Monday, May 24, 2010

doctors are evil :( but pancakes are yummy!

i had to get a shot today....ughh. it hurt. a lot. i nearly fainted, but i didn't, which was probably a good thing.

i just nearly had a heart attack...because my printer started printing. this happens to me at least 10 times a week....

i was reeeally sad last night; not for a logical reason, but because i accidentally colored part of my picture the wrong color and the white-out wasn't working. this is normal for me, too. ^^ and until i started reading MLIA, i didn't realize that not all people color in coloring books and shout stuff out randomly in class. i have awesome friends.

the other day i realized that whenever im confused or whatever, my mind is like O.o
the funny part of that is that i don't even know how to say what that emotion is in normal language. yeah.....

im happy :) my daddy got a job. it's ironic, and kinda funny, because a long time ago, when he lived in Kalamazoo he moved to grand Rapids because he got a job there. and then when his job got transferred to Kalamazoo from grand rapids, he moved back to kalamazoo, where we live now. guess where his new job is? yep, Grand Rapids. we're not moving though, he says, which is good. so im happy :)

and even though i failed a math was a good day :)

song of the day: "bulletproof" by La Roux