Monday, May 17, 2010

*screaming like a fangirl*

OMG!!!! adi, i love your accent!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!

....anyway. im calm now. im sitting in front of my computer eating peanut butter. i should be doing english, i have soooo much to do and its all due tomorrow. but im not.

im in a surprisingly good mood right now, considering im probably about to fail ATYP and my boyfriend broke up with me friday. today's a good day. :)

i have a lot of documents open on my screen. i keep starting something and then getting distracted. im a really disorganized person. ive basically trashed my room looking for a handout i need. i feel like ive accomplished something today, because one of my essays doesn't have the comment "short" on it from my teacher. thats kinda sad.

is anyone still reading this? wow. you either have issues, or are trying to avoid homework too. i finished one revision in two hours!! yay! ...only 14 more left.

OMG. most distracting website. ever. it's hysterical. ive been sitting here for the last 15 minutes talking to a robot.

it would be a good idea to get off here and work. so that's actually what i'll do. so bye...for now.

You won't cry for my absence, I know -
You forgot me long ago.
Am I that unimportant...?
Am I so insignificant...?
Isn't something missing?
Isn't someone missing me?

Even though I'm the sacrifice,
You won't try for me, not now.
Though I'd die to know you love me,
I'm all alone.
Isn't someone missing me?

--"Missing" by Evanescence


  1. Thanks! And I'm currently in my rounds of the blogosphere, so no procrastination as yet. Hang in there :D

  2. I second Tragic's first exclamation xD
    Your accent is awesome, Adi!

    Keep updating, I enjoy reading your ramblings ^^