Wednesday, May 19, 2010

your daily entertainment, brought to you by MLIA =)

Today, I cracked all the eggs in the carton because I discovered I could crack them one handed. Once I ate some and cleaned up the rest, my Mum walked out, looked in the fridge and asked what had happened to the eggs. I looked at her and told her that they had hatched. She nodded and walked away. MLIA

Today, I broke up with my boyfriend of just short of a year. I cried for a long time. And then I my dad reminded me that he used to give me weird looks when I would roar while eating my dinosaur chicken nuggets, and a guy like that isn't worth it. I stopped crying. MLIA.

Today, an alert came up on Google Chrome that said, "The following pages are not responding. You can wait for them to respond or you can kill them," and had a picture of an evil Chrome tab. I was slightly frightened by Google's violence. MLIA.

Today, my families cell phones got cut off, so we couldn't call or text. Later i got a text message from my mother asking if my phone was working again. Seeing as it obviously worked again, i tried to be funny and sent her a message back saying no it wasn't. Later i went downstairs to find her yelling on the phone at the phone company about how my cell was still not working. I wonder how long this one will take her. MLIA

The other day in band everyone was talking so to get our attention my band teacher held up his keys and said "Look, Shiny!" The entire band got quiet and looked up at him. Highschoolers are awesome. MLIA

Our teacher showed us a picture in science class of Saturn, and you could see the sun in the distance. A guy in my class shouted out "Hey, from there, the sun looks like a star!" MLIA

Today, I saw a sign in the cafeteria at my school that said "Shoes required to eat in cafeteria." Someone had written underneath it "But socks can eat wherever they want." MLIA

Today I called my male professor Mom, and he answered. I'm not sure which of us was more embarrassed. MLIA

Today, I waved at the security camera in a store. As I was walking out, I saw an old man waving at one too. I'm glad to know I'm not the only person who does that. MLIA

Today, I was in the local coffee shop. I saw a very uptight-looking business man; very high class, with a suit, Bluetooth and a laptop. He sat down and looked very concentrated on what he was doing on his laptop. When I passed him as I was leaving, I saw that he was playing FarmVille. MLIA.

Today I was watching TV and a commercial came on proclaiming, "Christmas is a weird time, when else do you sit around a dead tree and eat candy out of a sock?" I will never think of Christmas the same way again. MLIA

Today, I was taking a statewide health test. One of the questions was, "Have you ever committed suicide?" The choices were Yes, No, and Maybe. The question after was, "How many times have you committed suicide?" I put over 10. i hope they get hell for that. MLIA

Today I was wearing my sweater on my waist, my shoulders got cold so I put it around there instead of my waist, it got cold at my waist and I thought I wish I could wear my sweater in both parts, and that's where I remembered you could wear your sweater by putting it on. MLIA


song that describes my day yesterday (instead of me blogging about it): "Over You" --Daughtry

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  1. Some of those MLIAs were really funny (like the suicide and the cell phone one)! And it's good to know you're getting over/have gotten over him :D