Sunday, May 30, 2010

it's naptime.

i'm tired. mom let me go on the computer and not do homework, but i haven't done that in so long that i don't know what to do. that's kinda sad. it's way too humid still and about 5 million degrees outside, and i feel like whining right now.

yesterday was good. i got money. i hung out with this guy. i think he likes me, not sure though. idk. id post what he said to me, but that takes a lot of typing, and since my daddy probably will read this, i won't, because stalkers scare me. especially stalkers that are too cowardly to at least post a comment to let me know they're stalking me, which, yes daddy, you CAN do without getting a google account.

have i said that i'm tired? because i am. i kinda feel like writing poetry and i kinda don't. i want to do something interesting, but there's really nothing to do that is legal and that i haven't done today. i should write my essay but i really don't want to. it's not due til tuesday, and even though it has to be 3-4 pages and i haven't started, i'm not worried yet. i'll save the worrying for monday night. or maybe tuesday morning.

hmmmmm.... song of the day: "Behind these Hazel Eyes" by Kelly Clarkson


  1. How I love reading your blog. How else can I keep up on your busy life. besides i only want to know about the boys anyway, so we can scare them off.-daddy

  2. Lol, HI TRAGIC'S DADDY! I'm Kevin :D
    Nice to meet you!

    Eeep, I feel your pain, Tragic, I'm tiiiiiired, too... well, feel awake soon! ^_^