Wednesday, May 26, 2010

today, yesterday, and infinity

i'm kinda depressed today. no real reason, its just that goldish-berry feeling that makes me want to cry, but im not because i'm too tired.

i probably failed my m*** test today. oh well ^_^

i cant believe ATYP is almost over. one more class. i know i'm not prepared, and ill be really lucky to even get a B/C. but right now i really dont care...

i don't know really what to say. i just want to log off the computer and mindlessly play video games for the next few hours.

it doesn't feel like a wednesday. i wish it wasn't.

im tired. i kinda want to write poetry, and i kinda don't.

Jake hasn't emailed me yet. i dont know what that means. i hope he will say we can still be friends; i miss our friendship alot more than our relationship. friendship is so much better anyway.

i'm getting sick of thinking, so bye for now.....

song of the day: "A thousand miles" --Vanessa Carlton

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