Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Stuff About Me That You May or May Not Know/Care About

Name: Christina (username on sparknotes: tragicxharmony)

Age: almost 15

Favorite color: purple.

E-lationship: none.

Real-life relationship: yes!! :)

Favorite Food: anything chocolate

Random thing most people don't know about me: i have synesthesia. (if you don't know what that is,

Taste in Music: i'll listen to anything that looks pretty. right now, i'm addicted to t.A.T.u. (a russian duo) and brick by boring brick by paramore.

favorite phrase: tragic harmony (there's a reason that's my username :P)

location: Michigan, USA

favorite subjects: english, french, band

instruments: clarinet, flute, and (hopefully by the end of summer) saxophone

addictions: poetry, chocolate, open threads on sparknotes

most ADD-inducing object: shiny objects. or squirrels.

thing i spend most of my time doing: writing essays for ATYP (an advanced english) or doing algebra (ugh....)

any questions? ask in the comments =)


  1. Whoa you have synesthesia? That's awesome! Which senses get mixed?

  2. in case you're wondering, the random person following you now is hanini_panini from sparklife :)