Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm bored.......

I get bored alot. Like, all the time. I'm bored right now, and I'm typing this, listening to music, brainstorming my essay for ATYP, and trying to figure out if i'm hungry. But i'm still bored.

It's really windy outside. I want to go outside and climb a tree. I love climbing trees.

I don't like days like today. Some days, I don't even feel like i'm touching the ground when i walk; i feel like i'm not truly part of this world. But other days, I feel so ordinary that i can't stand it. I want to fly; be free. I want to be cut off from this world, because only then will i become what i'd like to think i'm meant to be.

Poetry, that's what that last paragraph is. I call everything poetry if i like it. Because poetry to me isn't just rhymed sonnets. It's a certain kind of beauty. I think i'm going to fill this blog with poetry--everything i find truly beautiful.

I'm not always so dreamy, babbling about wind and poetry. I have three sides to be, the romantic side, the random ADD side, and the moody side. Some people say i have to get my act together; enter the real world. But this is my real world. I can't separate my three sides, because then i wouldn't be me. All three sides will show up in this blog. i usually like my poetic romantic side best, because it feels prettier. But i'll be everything.

And in conclusion of my second blog entry....look! a shiny squirrel!

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  1. So that's who Christina is! Anyway, I know exactly what you mean when you feel so ordinary - things haven't been very peachy lately for m- shiny squirrel? Where?